Our 33-Year-Old Starter for Sourdough Bread

Bread is a staple food for many people across the globe, and sourdough bread is one of the most popular and trending breads in todays market. One of the most important elements of making sourdough unique is the sourdough starter and ours has its’ very own special story.  

In this post, we will take you on a journey to explore the authenticity of our 33-year-old sourdough starter and the bread it produces. From its creation to the range of delicious bread it produces, we will cover all the essential elements of authentic sourdough production.

Our sourdough starter has a rich history and an exciting story to tell. 

After years of carefully developing our starter we are now crafting the perfect range of sourdough breads. Originating in San Francisco, the live liquid sourdough starter was brought to Ireland. From there it has been safeguarded and nurtured by our bakers for over 30 years.  We are a proud inheritor of this legacy and use this same live perpetual starter in our bakery to making the most authentic sourdough bread.

The process to create our sourdough bread is a well-thought-out and time-intensive process. We honour the traditional methods that have been passed down over generations, and we use only the finest and freshest ingredients. We combine the starter with organic flour, salt, and water and let it ferment slowly over a long period. This slow fermentation process creates a bread with distinctive flavours and textures that is hard to match. Our bakers follow the same process every day to ensure the consistent quality and delicious taste of our bread.

We use only the freshest ingredients, Consumers are seeking convenient, healthy food solutions which clearly guide them to meet their daily health goals. Many are also making conscious lifestyle choices to omit certain ingredients and high processed products from their diets, driving a focus on naturally nutritious foods. Our bakers follow the same process every day to ensure the consistent quality and delicious taste of our bread. . The sourdough loaves are also par-baked, which helps to reduce labour, waste and preparation time for our customers.

Recent studies have highlighted the benefits of Sourdough bread, over normal breads, due to the ease of digestibility of the bread and some studies suggest that they can improve gut health. The bakery industry has an opportunity to capitalise on this growing consumer interest for naturally functional foods. choice for people who care about their dietary needs. 

The authenticity of our sourdough bread lies in our 33-year-old live liquid starter. Unlike others, our use of our 33 year old live liquid starter gives our sourdough bread its authenticity. We follow the traditional method which creates some of our most flavourful breads for consumers to enjoy. 

At Aryzta, we are passionate about creating the most authentic and healthy sourdough bread. Our 33-year-old starter for sourdough bread and the process we use ensure that the bread we produce is like no other. We are proud to continue honoring these methods and sharing this world class product with our customers.

We invite you to try our bread and experience the difference that authenticity and passion can bring to a product.

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