Our authentic sourdough starter has been growing and regenerated for over 30 years.

Our latest investment in our new line includes a significant expansion of our state of the art live sourdough starter plant, doubling our capacity to produce sourdough and speciality breads for customers across UK and Ireland.

Our combination of long fermentation and resting times, means we have the ability to produce authentic sourdough bread – both efficiently and in high volumes while adhering to the highest food safety and quality standards. As a result, customers get both traditional baking methods and the precise standardisation of modern manufacturing – truly the best of both worlds.

Research and development is key to the products we produce. Once trending flavour profiles and ingredients are identified, we create beautiful sourdough bloomers with a variety of inclusions for our customers to offer unique great tasting products. Not only do we invest in our products but our equipment is equally important.

Sourdough Starter

Our liquid starter is the starting point for our enticing, tangy flavour. The dough has also a long slow fermentation giving the loaf an open, waxy texture, chewy crust and a mild flavour which makes it the perfect base for any sandwich or meal accompaniment.


Today’s consumer has a very sophisticated palate and is in search of something new and unique. That’s why we produce a selection of beautiful breads with a variety of ingredients. Not only does the addition of inclusions improve taste, but they can significantly enhance the aesthetic and texture of our bloomers.

Par Baked

Par-baked breads help busy businesses prepare their products in a timely manner. This is achieved by decreasing preparation time, labour, and waste.