We tailor our product to customers’ palates to ensure what we produce is in line with consumer preferences. Our savoury category is popular with our retail customers as we are present in a vast selection of deli’s nationwide. From your classic chicken fillets to the much loved sausage rolls and jambons.

Our mouth-watering chicken range along with our potato products are some examples of large categories that are ideal for food service customers.


We coat our chicken fillets in a flavourful panko crumb giving our chicken a delicious texture as well as an injection of powerful flavours. Paired with our baguettes we believe we produce the best chicken fillet rolls across the country.

Chips & Wedges

Our pre-fried chips and golden crispy wedges are the perfect addition to deli counters and restaurants across Ireland.

Savoury Pastries

We offer a premium collection of food to go favourites that are particularly popular for our retail customers. These include sausage rolls, pies, jambons and much more.