The finest semi finished goods to elevate your businesses offering.

We offer businesses a range of finished and semi-finished goods ideal for those with busy services that need solutions for great tasting high quality products.

This range includes dessert options and other light, decadent treats. What makes this selection great is the versatility of the products and the opportunity for customers to add value to the plate creating dishes that consumers love.

There are a mixture of products that require baking off and some that are simply thaw and serve which provides customers with game changing solutions to improve their businesses operations.


From indulgent rich chocolate cakes to a colourful fruity bavouir, our vast variety of desserts have options for all foodservice customers to strengthen their menus.

Reception Goods

Ideal for events and other occasions we offer eye catching canapés and other small bites. Although these decorative savoury and sweet pieces look small, they are visually stunning and are packed full of flavour.

Semi Prepared Products

A popular group of products that require very little preparation. Ideal for those in foodservice, customers can save time when preparing for their meal services with these fantastic bites.