Freshly baked pastries your consumers are going to love.

As skilled bakers, we offer a complete range of solutions for bakery, pastry and snacking. Our passion for pastry allows us to meet the needs of our customers by offering creative, delicious wholesale bakery products.       

Whether it be our process of folding dough to create a layered croissant or simply the fillings chosen to create an exceptional pain au chocolat we have the answer. All products are designed with our customers in mind, we make sure they are easy to prepare, finish and serve. High-quality ingredients are also essential when creating the best-in-class products. A number of these products are flash-baked which means these beautiful products only take minutes to bake off.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a range of fantastic pastry products. We believe offering your consumers a wide range of choices increases customer satisfaction. Our carefully compiled selection of pastries provides businesses with a number of snacking options for all occasions throughout the day. Our diverse products can ensure your bakery offers the correct products from the early morning to the late commute home.

Our customers are able to provide great tasting freshly baked goods every day.


The croissant, a popular classic. Our pastries are golden-brown with light layers and a touch of butter to create a mouth-watering treat.

Danish Pastries

Our delicious Danish pastries are a multi-layered, laminated dough in the viennoiserie tradition. Although similar to that of a croissant, these pastries tend to be a sweeter selection of products.

Other Viennoiserie

We are constantly innovating our pastry offering, we have a full range with delicious flavours and fillings from sweet to savoury.